Wal-Mart Is To Blame?

Evil Wal-Mart Smiley Outside of the terrorist attacks in India, the biggest news has been the trampling death of Wal-Mart worker Jdimytai Damour, in Long Island, New York the morning after Thanksgiving.

The day after Thanksgiving is, as we all know, called Black Friday.

Black Friday is a day in which many stores open hours earlier than usual with extreme sale prices on a limited quantity of products. An attempt to bring in shoppers for those limited sale items in the hopes of keeping the customers in their store and purchasing full price or slightly reduced priced items.

Every year some story pops up as to how customers cannot control themselves. Fights break out, people are jailed.

This time, (I don’t know for sure but am guessing that this isn’t the first time this has happened), someone died.

Who is to blame?

The shoppers who, in apparent majority, acted as animals and could not wait for the doors of their local Wal-Mart to officially open? So impatient were they that the shoppers broke through the doors at 5:03 AM when the store did not open at the promised 5:00 AM.


“He was bum-rushed by 200 people,” Jimmy Overby, the man’s 43-year-old co-worker, told the New York Daily News. “They took the doors off the hinges. He was trampled and killed in front of me. They took me down too … I literally had to fight people off my back.”

Other articles, which I found on Drudge, tell of Wal-Mart attempting to close the store after the death was known but unruly, uncaring, self-centered customers refusing to leave the store.

I do not mean to indicate that every customer at the store that morning has partial responsibility for the death of Jdimytai Damour, but some of the customers are and the customers alone.

CNN has a report on their website in which the UFCW is blaming the death and general chaos on Wal-Mart.


“This incident was avoidable,” said Bruce Both, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500, the state of New York’s largest grocery worker’s union. “Where were the safety barriers? Where was security? How did store management not see dangerous numbers of customers barreling down on the store in such an unsafe manner?

“This is not just tragic; it rises to a level of blatant irresponsibility by Wal-Mart,” he said.

Shame on you Mr. Both.

Your statement, I suspect, is one made as the representative of a group which has long sought to have the same grip on Wal-Mart as it has on so many other chains around the nation.

I believe the statement is one of self interest in the on going union attempt to either make Wal-Mart conform or to cripple them.

While I cannot know your motivations Mr. Both, it seems clear the statement is meant to bring additional union pressure upon Wal-Mart. There is no doubt that this incident will be a talking point the next time the UFCW makes attempt to unionize another Wal-Mart.

I sense a disregard of human life in the statement in favor of UFCW agenda.

Strictly my personal opinion, but I believe I am fairly on target.


Presidential Pardon For Two Turkeys… Zero, Zilch, Zip For Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean

We all knew the pardoning of the turkey’s was coming, it happens prior to every Thanksgiving.
It’s cute, it’s nice… whatever.

The time for Presidential pardons however is growing short and Mr. Bush has yet to pardon wrongly convicted border patrols agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

The purpose of the Presidential pardon is to redress injustice; the Presidential pardon may well be the last best hope that these two men who protected our borders might have for justice.

The lives of these two men and their families have been forever changed because they performed their jobs.

That these men were convicted is a tragedy, everyday that passes without the pardon of President Bush adds to the injustice.

These pardons should have been carried out long ago.

Think you know the story?
If you have heard it from the MSM’s then you do not know the story at all.

What really happened

two Border Patrol agents, attempting to interrupt a cross-border drug smuggling operation, fired their weapons in self-defense at an admitted illegal alien, drug smuggler, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila. The smuggler managed to escape across the border into Mexico, but he left his vehicle, loaded with more than 700 pounds of marijuana. It was another good bust. (Agent Ramos has taken part in more than 100 drug busts and has never hurt anyone, despite having been assaulted and fired upon many times.)

Davila surfaced again a month later with the help of his life-long friend, Border Patrol agent Rene Sanchez, stationed in Willcox, Arizona. Davila was also assisted by Homeland Security agent Christopher Sanchez in El Paso, who started an investigation into the case. Somehow, they managed to get Debra Kanof, Chief Prosecutor for Major Crimes with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Justice Department involved. (How or why someone at this level would want to escalate and aggressively prosecute two outstanding BP agents for administrative policy violations is a whole other story.)

Kanof acted swiftly, handing out immunities to anybody who would testify against Ramos or Compean. She also provided the drug smuggler with free medical attention at William Beaumont Army Hospital in El Paso and free passage back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico, not bad treatment for an illegal alien and known drug smuggler. Kanof alleged that the smuggler was an innocent person who was shot by the agents as he ran away from them, fearing the agents were trying to beat him up.

The details. With Ramos and Compean in hot pursuit of this drug smuggler, Davila was forced to ditch his van loaded with 743 lbs of marijuana. In attempting to escape, Davila assaulted and cut BP agent Jose Alonso Compean and left him on the ground bleeding. While Compean was chasing Davila on foot, Ramos had been trying to outflank Davila to cut off his escape into Mexico.

Hearing gun shots and calls for help from his fellow agent, Ramos raced to the scene and found Compean on the ground bleeding. He saw Davila racing towards the Rio Grande, about to cross into Mexico and escape.

Agent Ramos began to chase after the smuggler who had just assaulted his fellow officer. Then the smuggler turned and pointed something at Ramos that he believed was a gun. The time was approximately 1:15pm. It was broad daylight. Ramos, fearing for his life and believing that Davila had already been shooting at his fellow officer, took a single shot at the smuggler. At this time, nobody knew that the smuggler had been wounded.

The smuggler turned back towards the border and kept running. He disappeared into the tall, thick brush along the river. Later, Davila was spotted running across the dry river bed and jumping into a waiting vehicle with two other suspects. This was witnessed by four Border Patrol agents, documenting that Davila was not some “innocent” illegal alien, but a bona fide drug smuggling operation. The three smugglers took off and the agents walked back to the abandoned van where they discovered the 743 pounds of marijuana.

BP supervisor, Jonathan Richards, who had arrived on the scene, was very angry that the smuggler had gotten away. Richards ordered everyone to report to the station. He also told them to load the 743 lbs of marijuana onto their vehicles and take it to the station.
Richards never went across the canal to investigate the assault or to check on agent Compean. Ramos and another agent, named Yrigoyen later testified they told Richards that Compean had been assaulted. At the station, another agent, Mendez, stated that Compean had cuts on his face and hand. He said this in the presence of Supervisor Richards. This is significant because Richards denied having any knowledge of Compean’s injuries.

The BP supervisor lied on the witness stand, testifying that no one told him Compean had been assaulted, which is his excuse for never notifying the F.B.I. of this fact. The truth is that he offered Compean medical attention and had asked Compean several times if he was OK. The physical evidence was apparent as Compean was cut and covered with dirt. Richard’s failure to notify the F.B.I. of the assault is the reason why the case was never investigated.

Because of the supervisor’s actions, none of the agent’s filled out firearms discharge reports. This administrative policy violation calls for a five day suspension without pay. After checking again on Compean’s condition and asking him if he wanted to file assault charges, according to testimony, Richards then made a statement saying, “If we call the F.B.I. we are going to be here all night doing paperwork. We will never know who the person was that assaulted you although we’ve got the van and the marijuana.” After than, everyone went back to work.

The Arrest. In a dramatic display of overkill, the two BP agents, Ramos and Compean, were arrested by SWAT teams, armed with automatic weapons, at their homes. They were roughed up by the arresting officers before handcuffing them. And all of this was done in front of their families, including their young children.

Live Writer Blogging Software, Test Posting

I’ve heard a lot about Microsoft’s Live Writer software and thought to give it a try.

Mind you, this goes against all of my computing instincts, I DO NOT like Microsoft products (with some exceptions) from Windows, to IE… Microsoft tends to suck.

I much prefer Linux.

However I am, perhaps stupidly, almost always willing to give Microsoft another chance. This use of Live Writer is yet another of those chances.

To further test I am going to insert one random image and a Youtube video, post and check the results.



UPDATE: I am not disappointed.

Very, very simple to use.

The two things that jumped to mind is no split view for Web layout and HTML and no ability to alter the fonts.

I suppose as I am thinking of it I should try the Block Quote.

This is a Block Quote. Already I like Liver Writer better than the Firefox Scribe Fire.

I don’t enjoy saying that because I love Firefox, but I did find Scribe Fire to be very buggy.

My Children Are Demented

Thank goodness for Joy Behar of ABC’s The View, were it not for her I would never had known my children are demented.

Joy Behar was, once upon a time, a public school teacher so I suppose she would know better than myself as to the mental condition of my children and if home schooling has or has not served them well.

From WND

I think they should get an education just like George Bush
in the White House did

A lot of them are demented when they’re homeschooled. … They’re afraid of children. They learn to be scared of other children

My children, and no other home schooled children I know, are afraid of any other children.
Now, they do wonder after some other children.
That is to say, they wonder why some children behave in the manner they do.
Why some run around with their pants hanging below their butt’s, why they swear as they do, why they are so rude to others (often others they do not know)… and so on, but they do not fear them.

My children are home schooled so that they do not learn or participate in the social norms.
They are home schooled so that my wife and I can guide their education, their behavior and their hearts.

So that we can teach them to think and reason in a specific way.

I’ve been told by my own mother that I am indoctrinating my children.
I suppose I am and I don’t have a problem with that.

indoctrinate: in⋅doc⋅tri⋅nate
1. to instruct in a doctrine, principle, ideology, etc., esp. to imbue with a specific partisan or biased belief or point of view.
2. to teach or inculcate.
3. to imbue with learning.

Someone is going to indoctrinate my children.
Someone is going to attempt to point my children in a given direction in life and mold them to think and behave in a particular way.

Why would I want that someone to be a person or persons other than myself or my wife?
Why would I want a government institution indoctrinate them?
Why on earth would I allow persons I do not know and very likely do not share a common worldview with, be the major influence in the lives of my children?

Yes, my children, just like yours, will be indoctrinated and I will be the one indoctrinating mine.
Who will be indoctrinating yours?

Some parents simply cannot home school, it may not be an option.
Some may send their children to private school and some to public.

That is a parental choice that could be based upon any number of reasons.
But as you exercise your choice to see that your children are educated in the manner you believe best for them, then don’t knock me (or my children) for doing the same.

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

and I feel fine.

Al Gore is funny!
He invents, or at least greatly assists in the inventing of the internet, he scares the bat crap out the easily manipulated with his Inconvenient bull crap movie and now he has a message for us from the Mayan’s.

On his ‘the sky is falling’ website Mr. Gore warns us

the Mayan civilization might have collapsed due to environmental disasters

He further warns

As we move towards solving the climate crisis, we need to remember the consequences to civilizations that refused to take environmental concerns seriously.

Big Al is getting ready for Thunder Dome!
He may want to consider losing a little weight first, I don’t think his present physical proportions would suit the Thunder Dome life style.

Just how many automobiles were there per Mayan house hold?
How many polluting coal factories did the Mayan’s operate?

The oceans are in fact cooling and have been for some years now; Global Warming while surely existing is cyclical and hardly man made.

Man made Global Warming is hype and little else, the proponents of it lie endlessly, the effects of global warming on the polar bear for example. pb-pop

Global warming is a social political agenda and nothing more.
Global warming, financial crisis, class warfare, sexual preference warfare, etc… tools to to usher in “reforms”.

Sooner or later I’ll blog in full as to what I believe the specific social political agenda is and where you and I fit into that agenda.

Be sure it will sound very paranoid and conspiratorial, be sure also that I believe it and believe it is very evident.

However, that will be a long involved post and I haven’t the desire to get that in depth as of yet.
I, as you can surely tell, favor fairly short, quick and dirty postings.

However I will note, it is… the end of the world as we know it.

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The Ultimate Proof The Economy Is Bad

spam1975Sales of the ultimate hard times food, Spam, are thriving just as they have during each rough spot in the U.S. economy since Spam was first made.

NY Times

Spam holds a special place in America’s culinary history, both as a source of humor and of cheap protein during hard times.

Invented during the Great Depression by Jay Hormel, the son of the company’s founder, Spam is a combination of ham, pork, sugar, salt, water, potato starch and a “hint” of sodium nitrate “to help Spam keep its gorgeous pink color,” according to Hormel’s Web site for the product.

Because it is vacuum-sealed in a can and does not require refrigeration, Spam can last for years. Hormel says “it’s like meat with a pause button.”

During World War II, Spam became a staple for Allied troops overseas. They introduced it to local residents, and it remains popular in many parts of the world where the troops were stationed.


Spam “seems to do well when hard times hit,” said Dan Bartel, business agent for the union local. “We’ll probably see Spam lines instead of soup lines.”

Even as consumers are cutting back on all sorts of goods, Spam is among a select group of thrifty grocery items that are selling steadily.

Spam, it taste like crap but it’s affordable!
Thankfully, my personal economy hasn’t gotten to this point yet…
but you never know when it might.

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Complaining Bank Robber

From Public Opinion

A miffed bank robber vowed to file a complaint after finding the cash drawers empty at a Springettsbury Township bank that had just opened Thursday morning.

As he ran from the Susquehanna Bank branch office in the 2500 block of Eastern Boulevard, Joseph Goetz, 48, of the 1200 block of Crescent Road, Windsor Township, promised he would let the bank managers know of his dissatisfaction, police said.

The man walked into the bank just after 9 a.m. and demanded money from three tellers, who were waiting for their cash drawers to be filled, said Springettsbury Township Police Lt. Scott Laird.

The first teller screamed and fainted to the floor, Laird said.

When he demanded the money from the second teller, she told the robber she didn’t have any and showed him an empty drawer, he said.

When he asked for the cash from the third teller, she too said she had none and showed him an empty drawer, Laird said.

The disgruntled robber then left the bank empty-handed after telling the tellers he would file a complaint, Laird said.

The would be robber was caught and arrested.

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