Keep Your Eyes On The Road Your Hands Upon The Wheel

Most of us know it is stupid to talk on the phone while driving and even more stupid to text while driving.
I would have assumed that everyone would know it is stupid to play video games or watch movies while driving.

New Canadian legislation suggests that Canada has reason to believe not every one does understand the built in danger to playing Rock Band while driving.

The Standard

Drivers who use hand-held electronic devices — such as cellphones — face fines of up to $500 but no demerit points under legislation introduced in Ontario Tuesday.

Transportation Minister Jim Bradley’s bill, if adopted by the legislature, would mean the average driver would either have to go hands-free or hang up the habit.

“You should have both hands on the wheel,” the St. Catharines MPP said.

Drivers would not be able to use portable video games or watch DVD players, although that option remains available to passengers.

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