Let The Witch Hunt Begin

I understand that most of us who make a claim to conservatism are sane, but we have our nutters just as the left has theirs.

There are a number of groups on Facebook that have popped up calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama.
The man hasn’t even taken office as of yet.

This nothing more than hysteria and I hate to say it, hate.

We should be in prayer for this man who will lead this nation.
We should pray that God will lead him.

I want Barack Obama to be successful as president, because I want successful leaders for this nation. I define success differently than he does which in order for him to meet my definition of success would mean his whole agenda would have to change.

But you never know what God may do with his heart.

I WILL NOT be a part of anything which hopes for the failure of a U.S. President.
I expect failure from him, but I do not seek it and I believe anyone who does seek it does not have the best interest of the nation at heart.

I expect Barack Obama to screw this nation up and bring us a Euro centric type of Socialism.

I expect he will not veto any legislation to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, I expect him to keep his promise and make one of the first things he does is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.

Those things are beyond offensive, but they are not impeachable offenses. He also, being only president elect, has not done anything impeachable. He may once in office and if so then we should pressure for his impeachment. But then that should be done to any president of the right or left who does something impeachable.

The stupidity is astounding and is no way to unite Republicans (Democrat light) let alone moved forward with a forward with an effective Conservative movement.

Leave the dramatics and hysteria to those who are best at it, the Left.

I am not a fan of Barack Obama, I think his being president of these United States will be very detrimental , but weather I like or not and weather any given individual likes it or not he will be the next president.

I personally do not want to hear “he isn’t my president”, he is my president unless I relinquish my citizenship. He is your president as well unless you relinquish your citizenship.

This does not mean I am going to support him in anything and everything, I suspect I will support him in next to nothing if in anything at all.

But it is not in the interest of the right or of the nation to attack him based upon nothing.
Do you want to be the equivalent of the moonbats who were constantly attacking Mr. Bush? Those fools kept the nation divided and many things did not get done because of them.

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