I Don’t Like To See People Lose Thier Job’s, But…

goretvI don’t like to see people lose their jobs, I’m currently looking for work myself, it’s a tough search out there and it is very stressful…. but I must admit to a little giddiness after having seen the story about Al Gore’s Current TV having to lay people off.

I hope all laid off quickly find great jobs, I also hope Current TV ceases to exist.

Layoffs hit Al Gore’s Current Media

A statement from Current put the number of layoffs at about 60 positions, with 30 more to be refilled, the company said in a statement. That’s less of a hard hit than the 20 percent cuts that a source close to Current hinted to CNET News on Tuesday. The statement read: “Approximately 60 positions have been eliminated in the company’s three U.S. offices, and approximately 30 new positions created,” the statement read. “Many of those whose positions were eliminated have been placed in the new positions.

Okay, maybe the situation there isn’t as bad as I would like.

The statement from Current hinted at this change as well. “These changes result from the development of a new, innovative programming strategy built around eight cross-platform channels, including news, comedy, music, and technology, slated to premiere in the first quarter of 2009,” the statement detailed. “Current’s new programming strategy expands upon its pioneering use of viewer-created content to include additional opportunities for participation, creating a far more viewer-influenced network, and further unifies the company’s online and TV platforms by having each Web channel paired with a companion TV show.”

Didn’t Air America tell us something similar to this before their collapse? They were looking towards great growth in audience and markets while the reality was that both were shrinking from already near naught.

Not that I would know the actual situation at Current TV, I can only hope that the truth is their business is suffering and in it’s death throe.

I hate to sound harsh, I surely don’t want to be cruel… it’s just that Al Gore and the whole of his agenda disgust me as does Current TV.

Current TV is simply a way for Gore to easily spread lies.

May Current TV fail in a spectacular way and all employees quickly find new employment very quickly.

Beware Bearmanpig!

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