Fight The H8?

I know I am very late to address this topic.

The events surrounding California’s Prop 8 were so extreme and outrageous that I did not want to deal with it here in anger.

I really was not sure I was going  address it at  until I came across this today.

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Until we are all free –


free to marry or not

Fight the hate?

Given the out and out crimes and the acrimony of the of members of the recent protests (protests not kept only to California) it seems the pro-homosexual marriage crowd has chosen to embrace the hate.

California’s proposition 8 was not a declaration as to homosexuality being immoral or that homosexuality should not be tolerated.

Proposition 8 was a defense of the long standing definition of marriage being between a man and a woman.

The violence and the over the top circus like protests demonstrate the narcissistic tendencies of at least a large percentage of the homosexual “community” in America.

These are children in adult bodies.

Why should California embrace homosexual marriage?

Because they said so.

They want it and that is all which matters.

Gay is NOT the new black.

Heterosexual only marriage is not the slavery of the homosexual.

You, the homosexual, are not any less restricted in marriage than I, the heterosexual am.

You have the same rights in marriage as I do, no more, no less.

You ARE demanding special rights.

“By any means necessary”.

Words of Malcom X.

He was speaking about black men and women defending themselves against the Klu Klux Klan since the federal government was not protecting black men, women and children against the Klan.

There is a radical wing (how large or small that wing is, I do not know) of the homosexual nation in America that is grasping hold of the same mantra. Comparing their supposed plight to that of black Americans during the years between the end of slavery in America and the enactment of the Civil Rights Act.

No one is denying that you as a homosexual are fully human.

No one is claiming that you as a homosexual lack intellect simply because you are homosexual.

Very few (percentage wise) homosexuals have been denied employment, housing or health care because they are homosexual.

Since the passage of proposition 8 church services have been interrupted invaded by condom throwing, cursing, spitting homosexuals.

White powder has been sent to a Mormon church and a Book of Mormon burnt on the stoop of another Mormon church.

Businesses and individuals have been targeted and harassed for their support in terms of monies for prop 8.

When black Americans were fighting for their Civil Rights it was because they actually were being denied rights afforded to every American.

You, the homosexual are not.

You’ll kindly look back into our still fairly recent history and take notice as to how black Americans fought for their Civil Rights in comparison to how the homosexual movement demands their perceived Civil Rights by way of threats and intimidation.

The homosexual movement has conducted itself in a way far more similar to the Klu Klux Klan than to the black American who sought Civil Liberties.

Egotistical bullies and brutes who are doing more to hurt their so called cause than to help it.


You are not fighting the hate, you are embracing hate.

You are the haters.

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