Lego Styled Terrorist Toy


Okay, I can see why someone might be offended by this, at the same time while I wouldn’t run out and purchase these for either of my boys, I wouldn’t have a problem with them [my boys’] playing with it. That is, so long as the figure was regulated to it’s proper position of “the bad guy” and not the good guy, and that by the end of the make believe session my sons’ had made sure that the bad guy had lost.

If I were Muslim, it might well bother me, but the fact is that most terrorist activity around the world is carried out by persons who make claim to Islam. It is not unprecedented or unreasonable for toys to be made that represent “real” bad guy’s as well as the make believe sort of enemy. So why not make a representation of a real enemy.

Perhaps those who practice Islam and believe their religion has been hijacked should worry more about the image of Islam on the inside.

It is claimed (and I don’t know enough about the state of Islam to dispute the claim, I take the claim at face value) that the vast majority of Muslims are non-violent. If this is truth then perhaps the majority needs to be more proactive and bring the violent back into the fold. They surely must ensure that it is they and not the violent strain of Islam that wins the hearts and minds of the next generation of Islam.

I find it more than disingenuous to cry out about how the world perceives your religion when we can be expected to do nothing other than assume that the face of Islam we are presented is the real face.

The so called moderates do not present to us an alternative.

To be fair, it is not that the moderate do not speak out, but they speak in very small numbers and speak in a whisper.

The effort is weak at best.

Let us see you in action, let us hear you, and then maybe it would not be so easy for the non-muslim to accept toys such as this. 

So long as the Islamic terrorist is a true threat I see no reason that our children should not battle them in make believe, the Islamic terrorist. I don’t know about your kids, but mine are smart enough to know the difference between a Muslim they might meet at school and the one they might meet in their toy box.

God forbid our children might have to battle real Islamic terrorists someday. I see things pretty black and white, if I don’t want my children to have to battle Islamic terror as adults then today’s moderate Muslims must take action against the so called radicals and take action now, or we (the United States and those few nations that aren’t too cowardly to join us) must continue to kill them until they no longer remain a threat.

Eliminate the terrorist that the toy represents and the toy will soon follow. 

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The toy btw, is not made by the makers of Lego.


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  1. Steven, how is it racist? Have you seen what terrorists look like? Everyone with any ounce of common sense knows that ALL muslims aren’t terrorists. But looking at a majority of the terrorist activity that’s occurred in years since 9/11 would it make sense to have a blonde-haired blue-eyed bad guy action figure to represent the terrorists? I think not.

  2. Your kids will grow up to be racist just like you

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