Free Speech Is Good, Unless You Are Against Gay Marriage

A protest rally was held Friday at the University of Washington in protest of a recent column which was ran in The Daily, the UW student newspaper. 


The opening moments of the video demonstrates the hypocrisy of the pro gay marriage crowd, free speech is good for them and their concerns, but not for those who oppose their agenda of gay marriage.

The hypocrisy is further demonstrated towards the end of an article found on the Seattle Times web site when Dave Iseminger, vice president of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, is quoted as saying lacking an apology, his group

may work to change the composition of the paper’s editorial board

Just as the woman in the video say’s, they are “protecting free speech”. Clearly that is not true.

Since the passage of prop 8 in California we seen homosexual groups attempt to destroy businesses, individuals and religious groups who supported the proposition. The message from Mr. Iseminger and the pro gay marriage group as a whole seems to be clear; “oppose us and we will destroy you”.

The whole incident is further proof that when you send your children to University you risk them returning home to you dumber than when they left.

You can read the Seattle Times article I’ve referred to here.

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2 Responses

  1. Have you seen this Demographic Winter video? I saw it over on Kingfisher Column, the decline of the family has huge economic impact. This thing is chilling.

  2. The rallying cry of “Tolerance” has really been a one way street. Those that HAVE been tolerant are not being marginalized.

    I’ve wanted to try and explain my perspective, my beliefs, but there is real difference between myself & gay marriage supporters. There are many facets to it but I think you can narrow it down to this: There is nothing sacred in their worldview. No institution, no principle, no belief is above what they want to make them feel good. Here is the problem with that: What make one person feel good is different for each individual and can be pushed to extremes. Look at people who dangle from hooks. To further illustrate, what makes a rapist “feel good” or a murderer?

    For me there are principles that are true and timeless. There are institutions that are sacred and should not be destroyed. When I say that marriage should be between a man and a woman, I am not only opposing same sex marriage, but also cohabitation, adultery, even divorce whenever possible. I believe that families with a mother & father are the most healthy environment for children to e raised.

    Obviously, we live in a world with less than ideal circumstances and much of the progress in tolerance has been good, but there are limits that must be drawn. Disagree? How do you feel about pedophilia? Oh but that’s different, right? I would argue that’s exactly my point!

    All this being said, I know people who are gay, have family that is gay or bisexual…I still love the individuals. I do think they are living contrary to what will truly bring them happiness, but I do not shun them, despise them, or ridicule them as those that oppose Prop 8 have done of me.

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