Day Without A Gay

Homosexuals on strike.

A Day Without A Gay

1%, possibly 2% of America does not show up to work?

My first thought, they must have more confidence in the current economy than I do, to skip a day of work and risk losing their job. Of course, no business is going to fire any of them because they know the risk is too great.

The homosexual machinery is rolling at full speed and has proven since Nov 4th that they are willing to run over anyone who get’s in their way, a sane employer would not risk it.

Secondly, what do I care if 1 to 2 percent of the population does not show up to work within a 24 hour period. No real effect was felt after the ‘day without a Mexican’ or ‘brownout’ as some called it.

The only way any effect can be felt by such a tantrum is if non-homosexual gay marriage supporters join them in large number. That is likely not going to happen, and then it wouldn’t truely be a Day Without a Gay would it?

Third, get over it.

Stop throwing a fit.

Stop trying to impose your will upon others (I don’t get to say that very often, most often it is said to me simply because I believe in the God of the bible).

You want to impose your social belief that homosexuals should be able to be married to one another, a majority of your fellow California residents do not want homosexual marriage to be legal.

Grow up already, go to work and act like adults.

P.S.- you already have the right to be married, to a member of the opposite sex, just like the rest of us.

Anything beyond that IS a special right.

You are not anymore special than any other American and are not deserving of any rights beyond any other American.