Global Warming Rocks

I love winter (though I do admit I am not at all sad that I am not spending this winter working outside as I did last winter)!

Winter 2008 officially began yesterday and we sure have gotten off to a good start!

Summer is miserable, heat is oppressive and it is illegal to go about in the nude simply because you would like to cool down. Not to mention it would just be rude of me to run about testing testing the gag reflex of my fellow citizens when they saw me approaching.

In the Winter I can add or remove layers of clothing as needed to remain mostly comfortable.

North America is currently loving winter embrace and I love it.

Global warming rocks, if this is the result of global warming (which I’ve been hearing that it is) then I’m going to go out and let my automobiles idle in the driveway, feed my family nothing but refried beans and run about outside with one can of hairspray in each hand spraying them into the air.

Click on the image to see today’s temperatures around North America.



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