Once Again Israel Must Defend Herself

Israel responded in a serious way Saturday to Hamas and the on going rocket attacks launched from Gaza.

Arutz Sheva

The IAF executed over 170 sorties against 60 targets, reportedly killing over 200 and wounding hundreds of others. Most of the casualties are Hamas terrorists, according to both IDF and Arab journalistic sources.

The last I read at least 220 people had died.

The same article as above noted that over 100 tons of ordinance were dropped on Gaza by mid-afternoon Saturday.

Condemnation came fast and furious from world leaders and media outlets, strangely enough many world leaders and media outlets had nary a word to say while Hamas threw rocket after rocket into Israel.

Okay, so that isn’t actually strange at all, rather it is the norm. So normal is it that when Israel is attacked we can hear a pin drop, conversely the verbal attacks against Israel for defending itself a person can’t hear themselves think.

The condemnation of Israel is such a given that it is not something I would normally take the time to comment about here and I would not have broken that trend were it not for an article I came across in Telegraph.


The attack on the Gaza strip is proof that Israel is addicted to violence. Slaughtering 155 civilians, many of whom are women and children, can not be justified.

Every nation state has the right to defend itself against terrorism and wanton aggresion but this attack is both disgraceful and disproportionate, and Israel, a nation which has endured much suffering in its relatively short history, should recognise this.

The word “disproportionate” stands out to me like a sore thumb.

The word is a media trick. To not respond as Israel has would assure them, as their experience has taught them, a war of attrition. The purpose is to bring an end to the threat at their door and ensure that an amount of time of infrastructure rebuilding for Hamas.

To simply use enough force to end the threat you face today assures that the attacks will resume tomorrow.


The whole of the article attempts to give the idea that the response by Israel is not measured but if we consider the first article I linked to it is plain that the response is very measured.

“100 tons of ordinance were dropped on Gaza”.

100 tons, 220 dead.

A measured attack targeting only Hamas compounds and other known structures used by Hamas, yes some of those structures being homes.

The restraint shown is obvious.

Israel could, with very little effort, obliterate and very nearly blot out the whole of Gaza.

When considering the number of deaths, which is sure to rise, consider the fact that Hamas very purposely use the citizenry as cover knowing very well that any attack against the organization will cause the death of innocent persons and increase the anger around the Arab world as well as  the sympathies and outrage of the ignorant.

Some Palestinians were even phoned by Israel and told that their homes were targeted and that they should leave.

Homes were targeted only because of known Hamas activity against Israel within the home.

The best response, the most responsible response by Israel for it’s citizens would be to once again take possession of the Gaza Strip.

The Arab nations and the terrorist organizations within them have made no bones of the fact that they will never give Israel peace under any circumstance. Israel can give in to every single demand of the so called Palestinians and so long as the nation of Israel exists in some form, then Israel still would not know peace.

Some have stated that even if the nation of Israel did cease to exist even that would not be good enough, for those people so long as one Jew remains alive then their war against Jews would continue.


Let us also forget that the U.N. partitioned the British mandate territories in 1947, there could be right now a Palestinian state and Jerusalem would have been separate from both a Israeli and Palestinian state functioning as an ‘international’ city.

The Jews accepted the plan, the Palestinians reject it and choose war instead.

The Palestinians are now considered refuges, well if they are then they are refuges of their own making and remain so by their own choice. The PLO and Hamas as well as the rest of the Arab world, care far less about the Palestinian people than they do about the destruction of Israel.

Their hatred of the Jewish people is to blame for the present situation. They are the cause of their own suffering yet too full of hatred for the Jew and too full of pride to do anything about it.

The Palestinian leadership and their allies have no interest in peace with Israel and never will and that is just the plain fact of it.

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3 Responses

  1. The intensification of the conflict is of extremely serious concern, distressing,

    very sad and enormity of the humanitarian tragedy is critically serious; the need

    for a long term peaceful resolution is extremely urgent.

    With sincere hopes, Wishing that a long term peaceful resolution is identified and

    worked upon soon, however more urgent is the establishment of a complete cease



    I would wish to specify that my concerns and comments are absolutely neutral, This

    is NOT at all about taking any sides


    “It is about Humanity”, “Each and Every Life is Extremely Very Precious”


    What could be more precious than a Human Life?


    It is a privilege to Live in this World Peacefully; respecting one another, living

    and letting live for one another; and everyone absolutely deserves it

    Once Again – To Clarify – My Position is Absolutely Neutral – My Concern Relates

    to Humanity

    It is not than I am taking any sides or blaming anyone, I am only humbly appealing

    for Peace, Love and Wisdom to prevail

    Wishes, Hopes and Prayers Emphasis

    Sincere hopes, prayers and wishes are being extended for establishment of a long

    term peaceful resolution.

    Children / Families

    The Children, The Families all are hopefully praying for their Loved One’s to

    return Home each day

    Explain what is Happening?

    Who will explain to the Children what is happening?


    Are the Children and the Families entitled to such challenging lives? To grow with

    conflict surrounding them?


    The Children, The Families rightfully deserve much more; they certainly deserve

    the privilege to have their loved one’s stay happily with them.

    Nothing more precious than Life

    There is absolutely nothing more precious than Life, “Each and Every Life is

    extremely Very Precious”, May Peace, Love and Wisdom prevail

    Marathon Efforts

    Anywhere in the world; marathon efforts are taken to save a Life; but alas here

    each Life is going by; escalation of the conflict

    Peaceful Resolution

    A meaningful long term peaceful resolution needs to be very urgently reached and

    established which is applicable to all.

    Talking / Speaking / Discussing

    Even now when this is being read / discussed, precious lives in this challenging

    crisis might be slipping away. The urgency is extremely challenging.

    Everyone Wishes to Live Peacefully/Happily

    Everyone, absolutely everyone wishes to Live Peacefully and Happily with their

    Children and Families.

    On Both Sides
    There are solutions for sure, they need to identified and long term meaningful

    resolutions adopted.


    Sincere Hopes, Prayers and Wishes are extended earnestly for Hopeful and

    Meaningful resolutions that will help to resolve this very soon

    Long Term Meaningful Peaceful Resolution

    It is my sincere wish and hope that a “long term meaningful resolution” is found

    whereby all People can be able to live Happily and Prosper along with their

    Families very soon


    May Peace, Love and Wisdom prevail always

    Hopes and Prayers

    With Sincere Hopes, Prayers and Good Wishes for Peace, Happiness, Prosperity,

    Stability; for One and All,


    It is understood that even if a silent prayer, a silent wish, a silent hope, each

    prayer, each wish is extended, this will reach across and strengthen the resolve

    for establishment of Peace and enable Peace, Love and Wisdom to prevail for a long

    term basis

    Matters / Counts

    This prayer, This wish should not be for one or another, it should be for one an

    all, it should be impartial since the Universe recognizes the Welfare of the World

    as its highest priority;


    Nature does not differentiate between People; Nature / The Universe seeks Peace

    and Happiness for one and all please

    People all across The World are Meaningfully Wishing for the Peacefulness/ The

    Healing / The Compassion / The Love / The Appreciation and Inspiration along with

    all the very best of Virtues of Life to reach across to those that are

    consistently thinking of conflict and hatred / violence and retribution,

    The Peacefulness/ The Healing / The Compassion / The Love / The Appreciation and

    Inspiration along with all the very best of Virtues of Life will reach across to

    one and all for sure and very quickly and this time for a Long Term Peaceful and

    Meaningful solution for all concerned

    Violence / Hatred, Conflict and Retribution never resolves any aspect of any

    issue, it only escalates the issues more profoundly. There needs to be Peace,

    Love, Dignity, Respect, Happiness, Welfare, Prosperity and Progress for one and


    I have repeatedly mentioned that this applies for one and all and not that one

    side against the other, it is all the World United for the World

    People all across the World are Wishing, Praying for Peace, Love, Happiness,

    Prosperity and Progress for one and all

    It is said time and again that hate begets hate; violence begets violence; love

    begets love, welfare begets welfare, peace begets peace, compassion begets

    compassion; it can go on relating to all the hopeful and meaningful virtues and

    all will express their sincere desire to prevail

    It is essential to extend the awareness regarding prevalence of meaningful long

    term peaceful resolution all across, so that it virtually reaches across to those

    that need to understand.

    It is said, recognized and understood that

    Faith creates Miracles

    Hope creates Miracles

    Wisdom creates the meaningful and sustainable balance for all concerned

    So it is with:-

    Sincere Faith

    Sincere Hope

    Wishes are extended for Peace, Love and Wisdom to prevail

    Regarding how the meaning will be understood and how the message will reach across

    is amongst the very biggest of challenges indeed

    Our purpose is to sincerely Hope, Pray, Wish, Spread the Awareness of Global

    Welfare and Development consistently

    There will come a time, when all the concerned issues will be resolved and People

    all across The World will be Happy and Appreciate / Inspire one another

    Faith, Peace, Love, Wisdom, Appreciation, Inspiration, Gratitude, Prosperity and

    Progress to one and all, God Bless

    Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina; Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina

    May One and All be Happy and Peaceful;

    May One and All have well-being and live peacefully together

    May Happiness be showered on all;

    May One and All be Healthy

    O Lord Protect us

    O Lord Guide us

    O Lord Grant us Wisdom

    O Lord Lead us from darkness to Light (From ignorance to Knowledge)

    O Lord May there be Universal Peace, Hope, Happiness, Wisdom, Prosperity and


    Vashi Ram Chandi

  2. There is always 2 sides to every story, one of those sides is going to more accurately reflect reality. The Palestinian side does not reflect reality.

    Thanks for the comment btw.

  3. Of course, there are always two sides to everything. The Palestinian narrative is that 60 years ago, people were driven from the lands they had lived in for generations to appease a land claim of more than 1000 years old. Since 1967 their lands have been decreasing due to illegal settlement activity and since the 2000, life has become intolerable.

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