Our European Transformation Is Mere Day’s Away

This evening President George W. Bush gave what is likely his last presidential speech, his farewell address.

I was not a big fan of GWB.

I do not find him to be a conservative, I did however, vote for him twice. Given the alternatives, I think I spent those two votes in the best possible way I could.

Despite my not being a fan, I will miss him.

I will miss him for two different reasons;

#1 I do believe he has worked hard to keep this nation safe since America was attacked on September 11th, 2001. I believe he acted in our best interest with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. I believe he acted in the best interest of the citizens of those two nations as well.

#2 January 20th, 2009 we begin our transition into a European nation. The actual transition began many years previous, up until now however, it has been like the rollercoaster car being slowly pulled up the incline.

The slow, if sometimes jerky ascent, is over and our inclination is now on a downward grade heading straight into a very European like Socialism.

Gravity is about to take over, hang on.

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