This Friggin’ Love Fest


I can’t take the religious fervor (and there is most definitely a quasi-spirituality to the Obama cult).

It is impossible to remove the unreasonable elements between the eight years of Bush hatred by the media and celebrities and homage paid Barack Obama by the very same persons.

In the video below, Hollywood celebrities have joined together to pledge “to be the change we seek”.

Various pledges are given by various celebrities through out the video, pledges to better America and the world. Where were these pledges from these people during the eight years that George W. Bush was in the White House?

Their pledges at that time consisted of threatening to leave the country (a pledge I would they had made good on) too cursing our nations president, too blaming all the woes of the world upon him.

Of the various pledges, it is the final pledge of Ashton Kutcher and his grandmother, Demi Moore that I enjoy the most. Together they pledge, “to be a servant to our president and to all man kind”!

I wonder, did they have any kind of pledge for this nation or man kind as a whole previous to the election of Barack Obama?

I’ve my own pledge.
It’s actually the same pledge I had for George W. Bush and the very same I will have for each subsequent president.

I pledge to support you where I can and stand against you when I must.

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These fools, and Barack Obama himself, may well have put a load upon the shoulders Mr. Obama that is far heavier than he will be able to carry.

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