Fight Club: Bill Kristol To Knock The Snot Out Of Matt Damon. Who Wouldn’t Pay To See That?!

I’m not a real big Bill Kristol fan, I agree with him more than disagree though.

However, other than the Bourne Identity series (which is AWESOME) I can’t stand Matt Damon, the kid is a complete leftist tool.

I do hope Damon accepts the following invitation

As the sponsor of the event, Big Hollywood is offering $100,000 to Damon (or to the charity or carbon credit of his choice) to publicly debate Kristol at a mutually agreed upon time, date and venue.

Bill Kristol has already accepted the invite.

Damon had earlier in an interview called Kristol an “idiot” and it was from this remark that the idea of a debate came.

Should Matt Damon accept, he will get the snot knocked out of him.

I hope this does take place and as a result I hope Damon learns and accepts that his talent is in acting and not in politics.

Maybe Kristol can next knock the political bull crap out of Sean Penn.

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