Denver Area High School Students Becoming Political Activists Instead of Learning

I’d be pretty torked off if my kids went to this school.

Of course, I’ll still be pretty torked if this bill passes (which it will) because these hooligans are going to increase my grocery bill.

Denver Post

A group of high school students are lobbying for legislation that they hope will blow away the plastic shopping bags that litter Colorado’s landscape.

The Kent Denver School students have lined up Sen. Jennifer Veiga, D-Denver to sponsor a Senate bill that would eliminate the plastic tote sacks from supermarkets and other large stores in three years.

"Colorado has been a leader in renewable energy and I would hope that we will be a leader in this issue as well," said Veiga.

Rep. Joe Miklosi, D-Denver, has agreed to sponsor the bill in the state House.

"I used to think that our waste was taken care of … that our trash went away," said Laura Abelman, 16, a Kent junior who appeared with other students at a news conference Sunday. "Plastic bags are deterimental to wildlife and the environment."

The bill, introduced last Friday with no fanfare, would require shoppers to pay 6 cents for each plastic bag they used.

I hate cloth grocery bags, they do not hold many items and my normal mode of operation when entering a grocery store is to enter empty handed and leave with items I have purchased.

I have a large family, the family consists of, myself of course, my wife and our six children; grocery shopping is no small feat. We leave the store with around 30 grocery bags, give or take.

For a normal trip to the grocery store I would have to enter with at least 35 cloth bags, because, as I mentioned cloth bags do not hold as many items.

So, I now need two carts for groceries and a third to tow around my cloth bags.

Hold on…

what do I care, I never go grocery shopping with my wife.

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