The Democratic Party Feels Emboldened Behind President Obama And Are Attacking Free Speech

Last week Rush Limbaugh said the following concerning President Obama and his agenda.

Rush Limbaugh

If I wanted Obama to succeed, I’d be happy the Republicans have laid down.  And I would be encouraging Republicans to lay down and support him. Look, what he’s talking about is the absorption of as much of the private sector by the US government as possible, from the banking business, to the mortgage industry, the automobile business, to health care.  I do not want the government in charge of all of these things. I don’t want this to work.  So I’m thinking of replying to the guy, “Okay, I’ll send you a response, but I don’t need 400 words, I need four: I hope he fails.” (interruption) What are you laughing at?  See, here’s the point.  Everybody thinks it’s outrageous to say.  Look, even my staff, “Oh, you can’t do that.”  Why not?  Why is it any different, what’s new, what is unfair about my saying I hope liberalism fails?  Liberalism is our problem.  Liberalism is what’s gotten us dangerously close to the precipice here.  Why do I want more of it? I don’t care what the Drive-By story is.  I would be honored if the Drive-By Media headlined me all day long: “Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails.”  Somebody’s gotta say it.

Were the liberals out there hoping Bush succeeded or were they out there trying to destroy him before he was even inaugurated? Why do we have to play the game by their rules?  Why do we have to accept the premise here that because of the historical nature of his presidency, that we want him to succeed?

Rush said this on January 16th and since that time, the manufactured outrage from the left has been unprecedented.  That outrage has turned into what I see as a full out attack on free speech.

Currently the Democratic Congressional Campaign has begun an online petition for Americans to “expresses your outrage” concerning the above comments from Mr. Limbaugh.

The DCC has put an audio clip of the comments made by Rush on their petition page, void of all context.

The reasoning for the petition as stated on the DCC blog page is

We need every grassroots Democrat to show Rush Limbaugh and all of the Republicans what they’re up against if they start attacking President Obama and Democrats who are working to end the failed GOP policies of the last eight years.

Let’s be honest here, the above is NOT the real reason for this petition.

This petition is simply the beginning of an Obama era campaign to  squash debate. It is meant to send a message to elected Republicans with no back bone to shut up and get on board. It’s a message to everyday people like you and me to shut up.

For all the claims from Democrats of diversity, they sure the hell don’t want a diversity of opinion and they have no interest in an actual national conversation.

They are telling us that this socialist crap WILL be shoved down our throats and we WILL like it.

Get bent, okay.

There was no effort to shut you up when you disagreed with GWB, no effort to shut you up when you disagreed with Ronald Reagan. Rather there was debate.

Speaking for myself, I won’t shut my big mouth, I’ve now only more resolve to express my opinion, share my thoughts.

No one, from a liberal neighbor to President Obama himself is going to tell me I cannot disagree with him and that I cannot disagree in a public way. I’m very sure Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, etc… have no intention of keeping their thoughts and opinions to themselves.

Excuse me lefties, what happened to your prosaic statements such as “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” or “question authority”?

How in the last eight years anyone could have missed that the left is comprised bullies I don’t know. There should be no question in your mind and if any doubt lingers, I assure you it will be answered in the affirmative within the months to come.

You can go to the DCC site and leave your comments concerning this Rush Limbaugh and free speech issue here. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find a place to leave comments.

I left comments there, if they will allow those comments or not I do not know.

The comments I left are below.

Your tactics are disturbing and fully disgusting.

You have purposely taken the comments of Rush Limbaugh out of context.

Are Americans to believe you wanted GWB to have succeeded with his agenda?

I agree with Rush, as do millions of other Americans.
We cannot disagree with President Obama and his agenda but it was okay for you to disagree with GWB?

No room for varying opinions in America when a Democrat sits in the oval office?

Don’t take their crap.

They are going to make a move on talk radio this year, they are already talking about it. Next may well be blogs and other websites expressing disagreement with their agenda.

As much as I would like to think it far fetched, who is to say after radio shows and blogs, it won’t be you?


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  1. Great article, I left comments for the DCCC as well. Here they are:
    “Free Speech is free speech. Let the man be… He can say what ever he wants, especially if you do not like it. I think you are twisting his words as well. He said he hopes that Obama “fails” because he does not want Obama’s “solutions” in America. People are a little to naive/ignorant. Also, Obama supporters are really touchy!”

    I also told my readers to petition and I hope people push the Dems back from their craziness.

    I put together a little profile with the petition links and Rush bio at

  2. With the mounting job casualties, here’s hoping SCOTUS either finds someone, somewhere, has standing to require BHO’s birth certificate or fixes attention on a criminal indictment before he wins his War on Prosperity.

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