Marriage Saver?

Found this via Hot Air, just thought it was funny.

100,000 members and growing.


  • Monthly PMS reminder service to warn men
  • 100,000 signed up worldwide, 4000 Aussies
  • Web, Facebook plus plans for iPhone app

ONE hundred thousand men sick of copping a monthly serve from cranky wives and girlfriends have signed up for an online reminder service that warns when pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) is about to hit.


The reminders include pithy messages of encouragement such as “She’s on yellow – tread carefully, fella” – as well as tips for how men can mitigate the damage.
It tells men never to ask if a woman has PMS, and if all else fails to buy flowers, deemed to be "kryptonite to PMS."


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  1. It’s funny and you know it.

  2. Yeah….funny ha ha…NOT

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