Welcome To Denver Mr. President


I understand President Obama, that on Tuesday you’re taking your political huckster show back on the road and to my home of Denver, Colorado.

One of our soon to be out of business, local news papers has taken a poll of it’s readers.

Just thought you might want to know what we in Colorado think of your stimulus plan.




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  1. It reflects the fact that both papers are owned by the same company and that they stand monetarily behind the other. The have programs that promote the Post over the News.

    In the end, considering the times especially, not a bad business idea.

  2. And what does the circulation of that paper versus the circulation of the others reflect?

  3. I plan on welcoming him, if I’ve the time, but wiith a poster board that has a personal message written on it.

    I leave the dogs alone these days.

  4. Keith,
    Maybe you could give mr.pres the welcome treatment like you do the prairie dogs in the transmitter field…LOL

  5. The paper going out of business is a reflection of the circulation of this paper verses the other, not an indication of the intelligence of the readers or their ability to reason.

  6. “One of our soon to be out of business, local news papers”

    Strange justaposition. I mean, if a newspaper is so out of sync with the people of an area that it is soon to be out of business, should we really trust a poll of its readers as representative of the whole of the community?

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