Has-beens And Losers Support Spending Limits

With Republican leaders like this, it’s no wonder Colorado has been lost to the Democrats.


A prominent GOP lawmaker has gone rogue and will attempt to do away with a decades-old spending limit without any support from his party, the top House Republican said Wednesday.

Rep. Don Marostica shot back, however, that legislative leaders are being influenced by "has- beens" and "losers" within the party and that he is going ahead with his efforts. […]

The law was passed to restrain government growth in boom years, but critics say that when the budget shrinks during recessions, Arveschoug-Bird ensures departments like higher education and human services can never recover. Some legal opinions say it can be repealed by statute, but others say it can only be changed by a vote of the people. […]

According to Marostica, May came under pressure from conservatives including Independence Institute President Jon Caldara and former state Treasurer Mark Hillman to oppose the bill and called Marostica in for two meetings Tuesday. He denied that May threatened to yank him from his position on the powerful Joint Budget Committee if he didn’t drop the bill, but he said he was told that GOP Senate leaders were furious.

"There’s great concern whenever you’re in a leadership position (like Marostica) and this happens," May said. "To head off without the rest of your troops is not a wise action."

Marostica acknowledged that he might not get support from another legislative Republican but said he’s going to move ahead with the bill. He questioned why May was taking advice from people like Caldara and Hillman.

"They’re has-beens. They’re losers," Marostica said.

Colorado district 51, this man should not be re-elected and those of you in his district need to contact him to let him know you will not be voting for him.

Email him here use the online contact form or call him at 970.227.6133

Notice the “Promise Made” on this screen capture from his web site.




Rep. Don Marostica will apologize to Republican leaders he called "losers" and "has-beens" but will push forward with a spending bill that has turned some in his caucus against him.

Nice apology.

“Sorry I called you losers, losers…

Now, lets get down to business and spend some more money!

If nothing else Rep. Marostica has made it clear where he stands”.

Come re-election time I hope we will not have forgotten this and will tell him where we would like him to go.


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  1. The Lefties always love it when guys like Rep. Marostica stick it to Republicans who are upholding our principles:

    Thanks for keeping the pressure on Rep. Marostica!

  2. I say boot em’, too bad he isn’t in my district.

    I personally think the tent is too big, I want to exclude ideologies that run against conservative thought. I want those people on the other side of the isle.

    I think ours is a problem of being to inclusive of ideologies that are not conservative, or even republican and of presentation.

    Conservatives and republicans in general are horrible at letting the public know what we believe and the direction we want to see the cities, states and nation go; while we are very good at letting the left define us.

  3. Seems like there are always a handful of turncoats on critical issues — 3 votes in the Senate, one for California taxes, now this as prominent examples. I wish I had an answer. The smaller the tent the harder it is to win elections. Plus we don’t want to emulate the Dems who look like idiots over Lieberman.

    There should at least be an immediate stripping of any leadership posts in the party. Yeah my gut says boot ’em out but I’m not sure that’s a smart move.

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