4 Economic Laws

In this time of bailouts and “stimulus” packages an economic reminder from W. Cleon Skousen, author of The 5,000 Year Leap; Principles of Freedom 101, is clearly over due.

There are four laws of economic freedom which a nation must maintain if its people are to prosper at the maximum level.

  1. The freedom to try
  2. The freedom to buy
  3. The freedom to sell
  4. The freedom to fail

Simple yes?

Under the current administration three of the four of these freedoms will vanish if the administration continues on the course it is currently following.

Of the four, one will remain, and that will be the freedom to fail. However, it will no longer be mere freedom, the current course of things taken to its logical conclusion will make failure almost unavoidable which then will make success unachievable for most.

I frankly feel blessed of God to live in a nation where personal economic failure is a real possibility [rather than a likelihood], because it means economic success is also a very real possibility.


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