Aristotle, Plato, Conservative, Socialist And A Fast Rocket Ship

In his writing of Politics, Aristotle said

Even the best of men in authority are liable to be corrupted by passion. We may conclude then that the law is reason without passion, and it is therefore preferable to any individual.

Contrast this thought with that of Plato

The best thing of all is not that the law should rule, but that a man should rule, supposing him to have wisdom and royal power.

It is assumed that whoever may read this agrees that a society must have laws.

It is also assumed that we may well disagree as to if those laws should be laws that are anchored permanent laws or if they should be laws that are ever changing and at the whim of the person or persons in power at any given moment.

The conservative believes in established and firm laws and believes that this is what is best for society and best for freedom of the individual. 

Absent established laws any societal code and understanding would be ever changing, making that society unstable and leaving peace, prosperity and property always at risk.

Absent this code the society is absent an identity, absent an identity the people are then unsure of their role and do not know their responsibilities.

When we have an established code/set of laws we then know our rights and our responsibilities. Further we know the responsibilities and limits of those who govern us.

What we as individuals do with those rights and responsibilities and how skilled we are with the handling of them is what will determine much of our success in a free society.

Those that handle their rights and responsibilities with seriousness and care are likely to succeed in one manner or another, while those who ignore their rights and responsibilities will likely fail  and will cause some kind of drag on society.

It is only when we have laws that are fixed and just and that are common to all citizens that we can have the sense that we are free to live our lives and carry out our business as we know our boundaries, the boundaries of our neighbors and those of of government.

The alternative is a society where the laws are ever changing as is the playing field according to the whims and schemes of those who govern.

America has been a society that lived in agreement with the quote from above by Aristotle, we are becoming a society that is being forced into the idea of Plato.

I suggest to you that Obama, his administration and the ruling democrats in Washington D.C. are corrupted by their passions and do think themselves wise.

I suggest that we are becoming a society where those who have ignored and mishandled their rights and responsibilities are to be coddled, propped up and know little to no consequences for their imprudence, their recklessness. In fact, they are only being encouraged in it.

In honesty, we’ve been moving this direction since long before Barack Obama showed up on the national scene.

Bush took us off the slow boat towards socialism and put us on a fast train.

Barack Obama put us on a rocket ship to European styled socialism.

I always had hope we could turn the boat around, slow the train to a stop, it’s a bit harder to jump from a rocket ship however.

I don’t think we have left the launch pad as of yet, but no doubt the count down has begun. It will take one loud, unified voice to yell “abort launch” to keep this rocket from lifting off.