Latest Front Page Of The Drudge Report Makes Me Think That Obama Is A Financial Genius

Sorry, I meant socialist, economy destroying maniacal genius…

You’ve been stimulated!

Stocks hit 12 year low

CITI in pennies

ABC Radio owner Citadel Closes trading at 1 penny on NYSE

Fed refuses to release bank lending data

12 pct. are behind on mortgage or in foreclosure

FDIC insurance fund could be insolvent this year

GM running out of cash


Add to yesterday’s Drudge headlines these as well:

Jobless rate 8.1%

Payrolls fall 651,000

Food stamp enrollment jumps to record 31.8 million

Obama bear market punishes investors as Dow tumbles 20%

Obama’s radicalism is killing the Dow




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  1. Finally a Rush fan!! Obama is a magician of public opinion and making people think that he will rescue the economy. I’d say he has about 5 more months or his whole plan will back fire. Spending like a kid in a candy store doesn’t help anything. It just makes you broke.

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