Entering The World Of Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden

Though I’ve really only just begun to read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, I believe I am getting the gist of it (please nobody email and ruin the story for me :-0 ).

Having not yet finished the novel (only now preparing to finish up part one), I allow that I could be completely off here (so far as my thought relates to the novel) but it seems to me that businesses in America are rapidly, all, becoming Taggart Transcontinental, every executive  a Hank Reardon.

Assailed and slandered by government, despised by the public in response to those assailments and slanders.

Detested and disfavored, considered to always be corrupt and to be of no social value.

It seems we no longer desire their products as much as we do their ignominy.

I listen to people in everyday life, as I stand in line at the grocery store (often the Wal-mart grocery store which just so happens to be evil), or as I pump gas (evil oil companies) and am flabbergasted by the anger I hear in peoples voices.

I listen to callers on talk radio, read the blogs and comments and the anger is clear.

But what I hear most in those voices and see most in those written words is jealousy.

Their conversation betrays that they believe these businesses and executives are taking from them rather than providing something to them. That these businesses and executives owe them something.

Of course none of these people dare reveal that they are in fact jealous, rather they pretend that their anger is a righteous one; one that is patriotic. They don’t want more taxes and restrictions placed upon these companies for their own gain but for the good of the nation.

It’s a sickening damn lie and the context of their words betray them. Not that I do not understand their are some true believers among them. We call them socialist to be kind and communists to be truthful.

I believe president Obama and the administration he has assembled are true believers and are demonstrating that everyday and not simply in their attack on capitalism.

I hear people who believe they have a right to covet what these businesses have earned. They want these businesses and the executives who run them to pay more taxes so that they themselves might pay less or so that those businesses and executives can add more to the public coffers.

Five percent of Americans pay over half the income taxes while forty percent pay no income taxes what so ever.

We are heading in a very bad direction America and we had better let the current administration know that we have no intention of going there short of being dragged kicking, screaming and biting.

If our kicking, screaming and biting get us safely out of this administration, then we had also better be damned sure that the next administration knows that we bite when provoked.

P.S.- don’t read into the kicking, screaming and biting. I get enough emails from moonbats who think I’m a recruiter for a militia or some such similar idiocy.



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  1. Thanks. I figured they could click on my handle to get there but I guess not.

    It’s http://www.djcnor.wordpress.com

  2. djcnor, you haven’t provided a link to your blog.
    Feel free to do so.

  3. Alrighty then. Just to let anyone who reads this know, my blog has a different policy. I’m always ready to discuss and debate anything I write there.

  4. djcnor,
    this is a blog, not a debate forum.

    You are going to have the same issue with almost every blog, the majority of blogs are not forums meant for debate.

    The fact that you demand a debate of someone does not obligate them to engage in debate with you or obligate them to engage in debate with you in the forum you choose.

    As well, declining your demand of debate does not demonstrate the truth of your claims any more than it demonstrates your claims to be false.

    I’d like to not add you to the moderation que, so please do take “no” for an answer.

  5. So you “could” provide more powerful counter references, but you won’t.

    Nuff said. I can and expressed my willingness to show that everything I said was indeed fact. What’s wrong with this type of exchange for a debate?

    I have yet to find any blog on the right that is willing to engage in a real debate. If you will not, can you suggest one?

  6. djcnor,
    I believe you are either ignoring me or misunderstanding me.

    No challenge was issued.

  7. I’ll take that challenge point by point.

    Can you come up with better references than Forbes and The Economist which both say Denmark has the best climate for business in the world?

    How about even one reference showing that a major corporation compensates its American employees as well as it does its Euro ones?

  8. For each reference you provide I would be able to provide a counter, that would be better suited in a forum designed and intended for debate.

    As for your Heritage link, I don’t doubt it.

    America has lost a good amount of her freedoms and other nations have gained in freedom.

  9. All that I said was absolutely true, no BS what-so-ever.. Would you like the references?

    By the way, in terms of economic freedom, Denmark is essentially equal to the US, rated 79.6 (and rising) versus 80.7 (and falling) for the US.


  10. djcnor,
    Perhaps they [Americans] do suspect all you spoke of.

    It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve bought a line of BS.

    We already know that our system works in a way that is superior to all other systems, not only does it benefit Americans but the world as a whole. In the way of personal freedom and personal monetary benefit.

    People suppose our system to be failing only because they don’t bother to look behind the current and see the great Oz at the controls.

    Our system of government works so long as we keep the hands of the social engineers off the controls and leave our system in the condition it was built originally by our founders.

    When socialism is left to run it’s natural course it has a 100% failure rate.

    Our Republic has faced serious threat only when people start to try and tweek it.

    In the 1980’s we began the process of reversing the tweeking of the controls. In the 1990’s the tweeking began again. George W. Bush picked up the pace and Barack Obama is currently tweeking like a mad man.

  11. Maybe Americans have finally begun to realize that those same companies operate in a variety of other countries, and in those other countries they not only pay their workers better but provide much better benefits. Maybe Americans think they deserve equal treatment.

    Or maybe they’ve learned that the proportion of companies’ income kept as profit rather than paid to the workers has vastly increased in the last 40 years.

    Maybe they know that the proportionality of executive pay to worker pay in the US is far greater than in other first world nations.

    And maybe they found out that Denmark, yes that most socialized of social democracies, was named by both Forbes and The Economist as the country having the best climate for business in the world despite its taxes being 3 X US levels, and that its people are the happiest in the world.

    Maybe they are beginning to suspect that there is something between US-style capitalism and the stereotype they have been fed of socialism. It’s called social democracy, and it provides a higher quality of life and greater class mobility than the US system.

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