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I have moved this particular blog from here to here.

The site you are on is the old site and will no longer be updated.
I will leave it up for 30 days simply to keep this notice up front.

I know moving is almost the equivalent of starting all over again but I had to do it to eventually create the blog I want. just didn’t allow the options I wanted, so it was time to move.
Now I am in full control and can use every available WordPress option as well as design my own lay out.

For those of you who had the old site bookmarked, sorry for the hassle.


Sandboxie, Better Than Anti-Virus?

I found an application called Sandboxie and am so far, during this trial period, very impressed with it.

Tired of dealing with rogue software, spyware and malware?

Spent too many hours removing unsolicited software?

Worried about clicking unfamiliar Web links?

Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.

I’ve put it to the test by downloading the eicar anti-virus test file to my desktop. My Bitdefender Anti-virus found it right away but I told Bitdefender to ignore the file.

The virus file was totally contained within sandboxie and never made it to my actual desktop. I can view it through the sandboxie interface but if I go to my desktop where I told it to download to, it is not present.

In that sense, it is like being able to release a disease and not having to worry about it contaminating the populace.

If I choose later that I did wish to keep whatever I downloaded it is simple to move it from the sandbox to my actual system.  If I choose not to keep whatever I downloaded, I simply quickly clean the sandbox.

What better way to test programs you download that you are unsure of?

If I am not being clear as to the advantages of this program I’ll try to better explain.

As you browse the web changes are being made to your computer, from the small and relatively harmless changes such as retention of URLs for the purposes of auto complete to the destructive such as undetected installation of malware.

Sandboxie tracks all changes and locates them in a isolated folder called “the sandbox”. You lose no browser features by running your browser in a sandbox session and protect you PC at the same time.

DRUDGE REPORT 2009®_1237771090810

Notice the hash marks (#) in the title bar of my browser, that is how you know you are running your browser in the sandbox.

If there are changes that you wish to keep from your browsing session you may choose to do so. If you are wanting to download and test some shareware or freeware, this is the safest way in which to do it.

No changes will be made to you computer, all changes are contained only within the sandbox.

You can run your email program and all other programs in the sandbox as well.

In the end this will mean a system that continues to run at optimum with no changes that you, yourself do not specifically permit being made to your system.

Sandboxie can be downloaded as a thirty day trial. After the thirty days you may purchase it at a lifetime cost of 22 Euros (about 30 USD) or keep it as “nagware” without paying.

I’m still in my trial period so I don’t know how much “nagging” is involved if you opt to keep it without paying.

Download it, take the tutorial and at least use it during the thirty days.

I would suggest a known clean system before installation, after all what is the point of keeping a crappy system running crappy?

One bad thing, sandboxie is only for 32bit systems.

So, is it better than anti-virus.

So far I’d be inclined to say yes, but I doubt I’d pitch my anti-virus in favor of it. Rather, I believe they will compliment each other nicely and add an extra layer of very good protection.

I Had Hoped This Would Not Happen

When Patrick Roy retired from the NHL as a Colorado Avalanche he left the game having won more games then any other net minder in the long history of the NHL.

Saturday evening, Martin Brodeur, net minder for the New Jersey Devils (formerly the Colorado Rockies), tied Patrick Roy with his 551 NHL win.

With his next win, which could come this Tuesday against the Chicago Blackhawks, he will take his place in history as the most winning goal tender of all time.

This is not the only record which Brodeur is on the verge of breaking. Martin currently has 100 shutouts, he is 3 shutouts away from having tied legendary goal tender Terry Sawchuk, 4 from having that record all to himself.

Be sure he will break the record and likely this year.

When Roy retired, though I knew the chance existed, I had hoped Brodeur would never break this record. I had hoped he too would retire before.

I hadn’t hoped this because I don’t like Martin Brodeur, but because Patrick Roy was so exciting, so dedicated, so determined, in each and every game. Brodeur has been no less exciting, no less dedicated, no less determined, no less deserving.

Patrick Roy was there, in the box, in Montreal Saturday when Brodeur tied his record. Happy to be there, happy it was Brodeur.

A bitter sweet moment for Roy I am sure and perhaps for Brodeur as well considering he grew up watching and idolizing Patrick Roy.

Congratulations Martin, you earned this to be sure and are without a doubt one of the greatest ever.

With no disrespect towards Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy will always be the greatest to me.

The video below is of some of Martin Brodeurs best saves.

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Arrogant, Elitist, Keith Olbermann Smack Down

One of the favorite past times of Keith Olbermann (I hate that we share the same first name) is to claim that those who disagree with him are uneducated. It is not an altogether uncommon thing for Mr. Olbermann to make reference to his own education, his Ivy League education.

Recently in a column and on the Fox News program Red Eye, host Greg Gutfeld and Ann Coulter put the insecure Olbermann in his place. I can think of no one in the MSM who is as vile as Olbermann and must admit that I enjoyed watching this smack down.

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The Complaint

I’ve received a complaint that this blog spends too much time on president Obama.

It is factual that the focus of this blog has been, since the election, Barack Obama. It is however not factual that I devote too much of the blog to him. If anything, I don’t spend enough time on Mr. Obama.

There is little of more importance in America today than president Obama, his administration and their over all agenda. There is little else that poses as great a threat to this nation as president Obama.

I don’t and won’t apologize for the time spent on Obama and the damage the man has done and is preparing to do to America.

I’m realistic about my amount of readers, I average about 60 a day. 50 or so regulars 10 or 15 who wander in and out. If my daily readers drop to 59… I’ll live.

Dear e-mailer, in reply to your complaint I offer the following

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Barbie In Real Life

This from the BBC

barbi in real life

Not sure what the deal is, the image shows up sometimes and other times does not. 

So far I haven’t been able to view it in Google Chrome at all.

If you click where the image is suppose to be, you can view it.

1859 – 2009 Denver’s Rocky Mountain News


The Rocky Mountain News is, at this very moment, printing it’s last edition.

We all know news papers are fading quickly and are becoming increasingly unprofitable. Still, I find this to be a sad day in Denver.

It is as they say, the end of an era.

I admit to not picking up either The Rocky Mountain News or The Denver Post often, and I admit to getting 99% of my news from the internet. Regardless, it is some how discomforting to know that if I did want a Rocky, I won’t be able to get one after tomorrow.

As a side note, were it The Denver Post to have closed it’s doors…

I may have celebrated.


The Rocky was founded in 1859 by William Byers, one of the most influential figures in Colorado history. Scripps bought the paper in 1926 and immediately began a newspaper war with The Post. That fight ebbed and flowed over the course of the rest of the 20th century, culminating in penny-a-day subscriptions in the late ’90s.

Perhaps the most critical step for the Rocky occurred in 1942, when then-Editor Jack Foster saved it by adopting the tabloid style it has been known for ever since. Readers loved the change, and circulation took off.

In the past decade, the Rocky has won four Pulitzer Prizes, more than all but a handful of American papers. […]

Today’s announcement comes as metropolitan newspapers and major newspaper companies find themselves reeling, with plummeting advertising revenues and dramatically diminished share prices. Just this week, Hearst, owner of the San Francisco Chronicle, announced that unless it was able to make immediate and steep expense cuts it would put the paper up for sale and possibly close it. Two other papers in JOAs, one in Seattle and the other in Tucson, are facing closure in coming weeks.