Pelosi Calls Illegal Aliens “Very, Very Patriotic”

House speaker Nancy Pelosi recently told illegal aliens that the are “very, very  patriotic” and states that immigration raids against illegal aliens is un-American.

This woman clearly does not have the best interest of the United States of America at heart.

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Stand Like A Rock

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock

Thomas Jefferson

This from the Glenn Beck show on Fox news.

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Hating What’s Right

I found this Heritage Foundation video on The Peoples Press Collective.

An excellent speech by Evan Sayet given to The Heritage Foundation this past March 3rd.

The video is one hour two minutes in length but well worth the time.

View it in pieces if you haven’t the time to view it all at once.

Best line of the speech (actually during the questions and answers period):

“I will no longer sit by and allow slanders against my country”

Heritage Foundation

Evan Sayet has been a top Hollywood writer and producer for more than 20 years. His credits range from “The Arsenio Hall Show” to “Politically Incorrect.” After the September 11 attacks, Sayet decided to step from behind the camera and speak out in his own voice – that of one of the nation’s top political satirists. At Heritage, his entertaining yet quite serious lecture will examine the modern liberal “mindset” and how it can lead to siding with evil over good and behaviors that produce failure rather than success.

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The 912 Project, About The Logo


Glenn Beck explains the logo chosen for the website.

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Get Your Garden On Comrade


Everyone, other than the government, is tightening their belts these days.

Some are doing so out of necessity others as a precautionary move.

One way some are dealing with these tough economic times is planning to plant food gardens.


Seed sales are soaring.

AZ Central

High prices for produce in the grocery store have some Phoenix residents taking matters into their own hands.

They’re getting down and dirty and closer in touch with Mother Nature. With a few seeds, soil and a careful minding of water, vegetable gardens are taking root around town.

"Especially this year, with the slumping economy, we’re seeing many more people wanting to grow their own gardens," said Tom Brodt of Baker International Nursery Inc. in Phoenix. "Sales (of seeds or small fruit and vegetable plants) are doing well."

Post Gazette

In the midst of bailouts, stimulus packages and talking heads on TV reporting the doom and gloom that is our economy, it’s wonderful to know that seedsmen continue to thrive.

W. Atlee Burpee & Co. has been selling seeds for more than 125 years. They’ve seen a depression, lots of recessions and two great wars, but have always flourished regardless. They are one of the biggest suppliers of seeds and plants for gardeners.

"Most of the seed companies are fairly recession-proof on the vegetable side," Burpee chairman George Ball Jr. says. "It’s sort of the Victory Garden phenomenon. Gardening not only takes your mind off things but it is also is very cost-effective."

The Daily Times

As the economy slows, Salisbury garden centers are seeing the popularity of vegetable gardening growing.

Cale Ashcraft of Johnson’s Seed & Feed Co. has already noticed more customers in search of practical plants to help cut down on the food bill.

"We started seeing it last year, but we are planning on an even bigger increase this year," said Ashcraft. "Mostly we’ve seen people coming in early looking for potato plants and vegetable seeds."

As costs rise at the grocery store, many are looking to grow their own produce for the first time. Salisbury University student Claire Brisendine has never had a vegetable garden before, but this year she hopes to grow several different plants right on her deck.

"I’ve always been interested in it, but this year I’ll be moving to an apartment that gets a lot of sun so it was good timing," Brisendine said. "I got a book on container gardening and just went from there. In my wildest dreams I’d love to have space for a giant vegetable garden and do a ton of canning, but for now a few tomato and pepper plants will have to get me started."


Gun Control in California

The NRA has a three video series up on their You Tube Channel about California and the states invasive, impossible to understand and harmful gun control laws.

The laws are clearly designed not to “protect” the general public, rather the laws are intended to remove guns from the hands of law abiding citizens. The laws are an assault on Californians second amendment rights.

Don’t become to comfortable in your gun ownership if you don’t live in California, have no doubt that no matter where in this nation you live that your second amendment rights are also at risk.

“Creative” legislation is underway in nearly all states and is being loudly spoken about in by the Leftists in Washington D.C.

HT: D.C. Thornton who posted these videos on his Facebook page.

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Destruction of Liberty

From the book, The 5000 Year Leap Principles of Freedom.

I’m on my second reading of this book, this portion stuck out to me and fits in well considering the nation wide tea parties held yesterday.

21st Principle

Strong local self government is the keystone to preserving human freedom

The centralization of political power always destroys liberty by removing the decision-making function from the people at the local level and transfering it to the officers of the central government.[…]

and they lose the will to solve their own problems. They also cease to be involved in community affairs. […]

[they, the citizens] often degenerate into faceless automatons who have neither a voice nor a vote.