What If Mexico Were To Collapse?

Mexico is in what could be called a Civil War.
Their government is corrupt from top to bottom, the drug cartels have full control of many Mexican cities and regularly venture into American border cities.

Kidnappings, murders, be-headings
So what if Mexico were to collapse (a very real possibility) how would that little scenario affect America?

Michelle Malkin, via Hot Air, and Glen Beck talk about this very thing on Becks Fox News show.

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Not All The Idiots Are On The Left

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air posted an article today about the passing of Barack Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham.

The article notes that Barack made the right choice in taking some time from the trail to visit his grandmother and that he is making the right choice now in his decision to to continue the campaign given the short amount of time left.

Morrissey also noted that his prayers are with Obama and family and acknowledged Madelyn Dunham as being to the best of his knowledge a, “remarkable woman who led a good life.”

Sadly, some of those who left comments do not have the tact and compassion that Mr. Morrissey does.

I do not trust Barack Obama in anyway.
I believe he, if elected, will be disastrous for this nation.
I in fact believe the man has proven himself to be deceitful and a liar.

All of that said, some of the comments left on Hot Air regarding the passing of Mr. Obama’s grandmother are far beyond being over the top.

I understand why Hot Air left the comments up.
It is, in my opinion, good practice to allow the ignorant to expose themselves.

Some of the comments suggest that the death of Obama’s grandmother is a political ploy.

Absolutely sickening.

May those posters not have to experience such a lack of compassion when they next have a loved one pass.

Hot Air added and update to the article directed specifically at the over the top comments given by some.

Those commenters “questioning the timing” need to get a life. Those wishing ill on Senator Obama or his family (in the past or present day) will find their comments deleted. Get classy and stay that way, please.

My own prayers have been said for Mr. Obama and his family.
That they may experience the comforting of Christ in this time and that if any in the family do not know Jesus Christ that the death of their loved one may be a event which leads them to Him.