John Murtha Wins Easily Despite Bashing The Military And His Own Constituency

Turns out that bitter, racist rednecks who cling to their guns and religion also cling to their congressmen.

Fox News
In spite of calling his constituents “rednecks” and saying that his district was in a racist part of the state, seventeen-term Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha was re-elected with over 58 percent of the vote to beat out retired Republican Army lieutenant colonel William Russell.


Give Me Some Money U Racist Rednecks!

Military disparager and Democrat Rep of Pennsylvania, John Murtha is asking one million dollars in campaign contributions of his constituency to help him win what has turned into a very close election.

The constituency he is asking one million dollars from is in fact the very same constituency that he recently called racists and rednecks.

Way to win em’ over Johnny boy!

So what once seemed a sure win for Murtha has turned into a dead heat.

If you would like to see John Murtha make his exit this November 4th you can donate to his opponent
Bill Russell.

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