The Obama Cult of Personality Marches On

The video below is just another great video from The Naked Emperor.

I originally found it on Hot Air in an entry by Ed Morrissey.

The Obama cult of personality marches on.

Cult of personality:


a cult promoting adulation of a living national leader or public figure, as one encouraged by Stalin to extend his power.

Let’s not forget this golden oldies.

Obama’s Army

We Are The Ones

Children Sing Praises

Obama Youth Regiment

The creepiness factor continues to rise.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One bright and shining Obama cult member thought it would be a good idea to list on her public Obama page, the names, addresses and phone number of those she had recruited.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden- The Change We Need - Colleen OBrien's Blog_1237867281314

The image has been kept small to protect the stupid by not allowing their names to be viewed.


“Socialism” The New Buzz Word Among Conservatives?



When I went to Newsweek and saw the cover of the February 16th edition I I had thought that perhaps the MSM was about to engage in truth telling and do so about a very important topic.

I should have known better.

As I read the article it became clear that as a conservative, I remain a paranoid simpleton and little else.

The first bit of distortion came in the false indication claim that until the very recent past, the use of the word socialism among conservatives was rare, perhaps non existent.

Hannity could not have agreed more. "It is … the European Socialist Act of 2009," the host said, signing off. "We’re counting on you to stop it. Thank you, congressman."

There it was, just before the commercial: the S word, a favorite among conservatives since John McCain began using it during the presidential campaign.

Perhaps if the people in the MSM actually knew any conservatives rather than spending all of their time and having all of their conversations with fellow liberals, they would then know what conservatives talk about. What we are concerned with.

I can think of no point in time during my life as a conservative that the coming of socialism, or worse, has not been warned about.

Without exception the conservatives I have known personally and those I have read, watched and listened to have warned about the coming of socialism.

Socialism is not the newest buzz word among we conservatives.

What we are seeing now is what we have been speaking of forever.

John McCain did not drop some previously unknown truth on us or present us with some new terminology we were to take into the voting booth with us.

The fact is, a good portion of conservatives see John McCain as being but one small step himself from embracing socialism.

We were no less shocked than you liberals to hear McCain use the word.

If the liberal media bothered to pay attention they would know that the majority of conservatives had been warning of George W. Bush leading us in a socialist direction.

The word is not a new buzz word for us.

It is however rapidly becoming not just our reality, but every Americans reality.

Until next time, I bid you good day comrade.


If It Had Been Saddam Hussein At The Podium


I’m sure this has already been pointed out a million times by now, one more time won’t hurt.

If it had been Saddam Hussein at the podium yesterday who the Iraqi reporter (I understood the reporter to actually be from Egypt) threw a shoe at, that reporter would be dead now.


I wasn’t going to post on this at all but I came across this posting over at DUmmie FUnnies in which he highlights pieces of a thread at the Democratic Underground mock Bush and praise the reporter who threw the shoe.

I found their responses to be more than interesting and demonstrative of their [the left] typical hatred.

The left’s hatred of Bush is not exactly a secret, but the degree of hatred still sometimes shocks me.

A good percentage of the messages in the thread are vulgar to the point where I would not feel comfortable posting them here. Many lament that Bush was not actually hit by either of the shoes. Most of them are just seething with vile hatred.

I am not pleased that Barack Obama is to be our president, I am opposed to him in whole and his agenda in whole, still were he to experience something similar I would not take pleasure in it and would not be wishing ill upon him.

These people are simply sickening.

A sampling from the Democratic Underground follows:

And how many people would actually get to read anything an Iraqi journalist wrote, I applaud this “Journalist” for what he did, its just a shame Shrub didn’t get his teeth knocked out!!

He didn’t get the memo he was s’pose to throw flowers! At least Bush got the greeting he deserved.

Couldn’t happen 2 a better person

Somebody get that guy a brick!

Too bad Shrub didn’t get his teeth knocked out, that guys a true hero!

I want to put it on tape and give it out as a Christmas gift

Colin Powell, Bad Advice


I admire Colin Powell in many ways, but the man is NOT a true Republican let alone a Conservative. He never has been, he never will be, the Republican party and actual Conservatives should NOT be taking advice from this man.

In an interview with CNN Powell said the following:


“I think the party has to stop shouting at the world and at the country,”Powell said. “I think that the party has to take a hard look at itself, and I’ve talked to a number of leaders in recent weeks and they understand that.” Powell, who says he still considers himself a Republican, said his party should also stop listening to conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

“Can we continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh?” Powell asked. “Is this really the kind of party that we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons seem to appeal to our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts?”

Shouting at the world and the country?

What the heck is that?

Let’s be real here buddy, the Left in this nation are the ones who do the shouting. They do more than shout at their fellow Americans, they give us marching orders. When we refuse those marching orders they try to shoot us down in anyway possible.

If anything, the Republican party and in particular the actual conservatives within the party, are not loud enough.

The problem with the party is not that it is too loud. The problem with the party is that it has moved away from conservatism and done so in leftward spasms. Too many within the party have voted for people just because they had an “R” next to their name on the ballots.

Because we are willing to vote in such a way, it is easy for people with a political bent such as Mr. Powell and worse political bents, to slip into the party and then entrench themselves. Leftists have burrowed their way into the center of the once Grand Old Party and and changed it from within.

Meanwhile conservatives both in office and everyday citizens have done little to nothing to promote conservative ideology. We do not actively seek to change hearts and minds, to convince others of conservatism. We do not, in a public arena, counter the lies and half truths of liberals. So when arguments are presented, we look weak and we look as though we have no answers.

Shout at the world and the country, heck we won’t even shout at each other or those on the other side of the isle in most cases.

If the Republican party want’s advice I’ll provide some.

Return to being a conservative party and it will become so uncomfortable for Powell and those like him that they will leave the party. Return to being conservative and for every ‘RINO’ that leaves the party, two or three will replace him or her.

Poll after poll shows that America tends towards conservative values. So long as we keep letting liberals into our party and so long as we keep letting liberals set the agenda for the nation, then the longer they stay in the forefront of American politics. The longer they are in the forefront then the longer they have the ear of the American people and the longer they have Americas ear the more likely they are to pull them over to the dark-side.

As soon as conservatives grow a set and reclaim the Republican party, the sooner this nation can turn around and be who she was meant to be.

So far as Rush, I’m not a huge fan, but I think he does a fairly good job and he at least has the willingness to not worry about if he is offending someone when something needs to be said.


A New Age Of Unity? Obamafied and Unified.

From time to time I will saunter through various message boards always being either religious or political. Last evening as I poked through various message boards I read through one particular thread where an Obama supporter asked a McCain supporter if he would join him in a “new age of unity” and support Barack Obama as president.

The McCain supporter did a very bad job of rebuffing this liberal imbecile who claimed that any American who will not support Obama is unpatriotic.

I looked up both individuals ‘profiles’ on this particular message board (a board I will not link to btw, I wish I had never visited it and never will again… some sick puppies over there), the profile provided a link to look at each persons previously posted messages.

I read through eight or ten of this leftists previous messages, some from more than four years ago, and was NOT surprised by what I read.

Concerning president Bush he noted that “Bush is not my president” and Bush is a murderer, a war monger, a thief, a coke head, a drunk, a war dodger, a compulsive liar, a fascist, a dictator, a Nazi…

It went on and on.

Three other leftists joined this idiot in attack the McCain supporter to show “unity”, the McCain supporter basically cowered in a corner and eventually gave in.

Today I found this article on Townhall.

I agree with the author David Harsanyi who titled the article “Unity? No, Thank You”.

No, I am not looking for unity as I know that unity per the leftist definition does not mean compromise or intelligent debate. It means that I must give unconditional support for a president Obama and his agenda.

Here is what I will do.
I will be fair and commend him when I believe his actions are correct. I will say when I agree with him. When I can I will support him.

I will also criticize him when I believe he has acted improperly and acted against the best interest of America and Americans.

Critical when necessary, fair when deserved.

I acted no differently where Bush was concerned.
I, and most of the right are consistent in this and will continue to be.

As David Harsanyi wrote, “Unity? No, Thank You”.