Hating What’s Right

I found this Heritage Foundation video on The Peoples Press Collective.

An excellent speech by Evan Sayet given to The Heritage Foundation this past March 3rd.

The video is one hour two minutes in length but well worth the time.

View it in pieces if you haven’t the time to view it all at once.

Best line of the speech (actually during the questions and answers period):

“I will no longer sit by and allow slanders against my country”

Heritage Foundation

Evan Sayet has been a top Hollywood writer and producer for more than 20 years. His credits range from “The Arsenio Hall Show” to “Politically Incorrect.” After the September 11 attacks, Sayet decided to step from behind the camera and speak out in his own voice – that of one of the nation’s top political satirists. At Heritage, his entertaining yet quite serious lecture will examine the modern liberal “mindset” and how it can lead to siding with evil over good and behaviors that produce failure rather than success.

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“Socialism” The New Buzz Word Among Conservatives?



When I went to Newsweek and saw the cover of the February 16th edition I I had thought that perhaps the MSM was about to engage in truth telling and do so about a very important topic.

I should have known better.

As I read the article it became clear that as a conservative, I remain a paranoid simpleton and little else.

The first bit of distortion came in the false indication claim that until the very recent past, the use of the word socialism among conservatives was rare, perhaps non existent.

Hannity could not have agreed more. "It is … the European Socialist Act of 2009," the host said, signing off. "We’re counting on you to stop it. Thank you, congressman."

There it was, just before the commercial: the S word, a favorite among conservatives since John McCain began using it during the presidential campaign.

Perhaps if the people in the MSM actually knew any conservatives rather than spending all of their time and having all of their conversations with fellow liberals, they would then know what conservatives talk about. What we are concerned with.

I can think of no point in time during my life as a conservative that the coming of socialism, or worse, has not been warned about.

Without exception the conservatives I have known personally and those I have read, watched and listened to have warned about the coming of socialism.

Socialism is not the newest buzz word among we conservatives.

What we are seeing now is what we have been speaking of forever.

John McCain did not drop some previously unknown truth on us or present us with some new terminology we were to take into the voting booth with us.

The fact is, a good portion of conservatives see John McCain as being but one small step himself from embracing socialism.

We were no less shocked than you liberals to hear McCain use the word.

If the liberal media bothered to pay attention they would know that the majority of conservatives had been warning of George W. Bush leading us in a socialist direction.

The word is not a new buzz word for us.

It is however rapidly becoming not just our reality, but every Americans reality.

Until next time, I bid you good day comrade.


Peace On Earth, Illicit Sex For Man?

ET The following is material that may be considered offensive to some. 

When I think “Peace on earth”, I think of the following:

Luke 2:14 (KJV) Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

I do not think of man uniting out of their own motivation for love of peace, mostly because in reality flawed man is not motivated towards love and peace.

I do not think of the United Nation ushering in peace by way of their enlightened sanctions and idle threats.

When I think of peace on earth I most certainly do not think of the following:


The event in question, which was scheduled to take place on “International Orgasm Day,” aimed to bring together some 250 participants seeking to promote world peace through multiple orgasms reached by masturbation or sex.

The orgy was organized by the Raelian movement, a UFO religion whose followers believe humankind was created by aliens. The group’s spokesman, Kobi Drori, said that the orgy was meant to include straights, gays, lesbians and bisexuals, all of them over 18.

“The purpose of the event was to try and bring world peace through mass orgasm, this by experiencing consensual sex and natural, uninterrupted pleasure. It was important to make love without feeling guilty or shy,” he explained.

saywhat  What!!?

That may well be some of the craziest stuff I have ever heard.

It may well be some of the most disgusting I’ve heard.

I thought this kind of crap died when the hippies grew up…

Oh, that’s right, most of them did not grow up.

Most finally washed their hair, got a hair cut, bought a suit but kept their ideals, clung to utopia in the back of their pot and acid pocked minds, and took a job with the man. Living in appearance one way while making lame excuses for it and thinking in a whole other way. Passing their new modernized, yuppified hippy think onto their children.

Today’s world is the recipient of the stupidity of the counter culture that never died, and we are so much the worse for it. I pray the coming generation has the will and ability to put it out of it’s misery.