You Cannot Trust The Media Coverage Of Israel/Gaza

Yesterday I posted on Little Bit Tired, Little Bit Worn an entry entitled Pallywood.

Basically it demonstrates how news from the Palestinian areas should be automatically considered suspect as it is a known fact that much of the video footage coming from the area is staged and in fact scripted.

This post is meant to further that point.

The following image was recently used by various media outlets to show the carnage of an Israeli IDF strike on a civilian market in Gaza on 1.01.2009.


The fact of the matter is that this image is from 8.23.2005 and is the aftermath of a Hamas pickup truck which was carrying Qassam rockets accidentally exploded. The original 2005 image is here. A reluctant but honest critic of Israel post further and more in depth about this particular claim here.

We have also been told of the IDF having attacked a U.N. school in Gaza, I believe one yesterday and one today.

There is a reason why such an attack may have taken place, the same reasoning can be applied to attacks on Mosques, hospitals, etc…

Watch the following video and read the accompanying captions to see why such an attack would take place and why Hamas is far more responsible for the deaths of civilians in Gaza than is Israel.

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more about “Mortar Bombs Shot from UN School in G…“, posted with vodpod

Certainly not all news that comes from Gaza, the West Bank, etc is false or staged, but enough of it is that any news which comes from the area is suspect.

One has to wonder, why is it that the media outlets themselves are not able to weed out the lies from truth while persons viewing the news are?

It is actually very sad, because as the fact of the staging of tragedies from this area of the world becomes better known, the more likely it becomes that the world will ignore what is real for fear that they are again being lied to.

When the tragedies and victims are real, we may not be there to help for the Palestinians and those who would exploit their plight have cried wolf too many times.


A History Of Palestine

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Once Again Israel Must Defend Herself

Israel responded in a serious way Saturday to Hamas and the on going rocket attacks launched from Gaza.

Arutz Sheva

The IAF executed over 170 sorties against 60 targets, reportedly killing over 200 and wounding hundreds of others. Most of the casualties are Hamas terrorists, according to both IDF and Arab journalistic sources.

The last I read at least 220 people had died.

The same article as above noted that over 100 tons of ordinance were dropped on Gaza by mid-afternoon Saturday.

Condemnation came fast and furious from world leaders and media outlets, strangely enough many world leaders and media outlets had nary a word to say while Hamas threw rocket after rocket into Israel.

Okay, so that isn’t actually strange at all, rather it is the norm. So normal is it that when Israel is attacked we can hear a pin drop, conversely the verbal attacks against Israel for defending itself a person can’t hear themselves think.

The condemnation of Israel is such a given that it is not something I would normally take the time to comment about here and I would not have broken that trend were it not for an article I came across in Telegraph.


The attack on the Gaza strip is proof that Israel is addicted to violence. Slaughtering 155 civilians, many of whom are women and children, can not be justified.

Every nation state has the right to defend itself against terrorism and wanton aggresion but this attack is both disgraceful and disproportionate, and Israel, a nation which has endured much suffering in its relatively short history, should recognise this.

The word “disproportionate” stands out to me like a sore thumb.

The word is a media trick. To not respond as Israel has would assure them, as their experience has taught them, a war of attrition. The purpose is to bring an end to the threat at their door and ensure that an amount of time of infrastructure rebuilding for Hamas.

To simply use enough force to end the threat you face today assures that the attacks will resume tomorrow.


The whole of the article attempts to give the idea that the response by Israel is not measured but if we consider the first article I linked to it is plain that the response is very measured.

“100 tons of ordinance were dropped on Gaza”.

100 tons, 220 dead.

A measured attack targeting only Hamas compounds and other known structures used by Hamas, yes some of those structures being homes.

The restraint shown is obvious.

Israel could, with very little effort, obliterate and very nearly blot out the whole of Gaza.

When considering the number of deaths, which is sure to rise, consider the fact that Hamas very purposely use the citizenry as cover knowing very well that any attack against the organization will cause the death of innocent persons and increase the anger around the Arab world as well as  the sympathies and outrage of the ignorant.

Some Palestinians were even phoned by Israel and told that their homes were targeted and that they should leave.

Homes were targeted only because of known Hamas activity against Israel within the home.

The best response, the most responsible response by Israel for it’s citizens would be to once again take possession of the Gaza Strip.

The Arab nations and the terrorist organizations within them have made no bones of the fact that they will never give Israel peace under any circumstance. Israel can give in to every single demand of the so called Palestinians and so long as the nation of Israel exists in some form, then Israel still would not know peace.

Some have stated that even if the nation of Israel did cease to exist even that would not be good enough, for those people so long as one Jew remains alive then their war against Jews would continue.


Let us also forget that the U.N. partitioned the British mandate territories in 1947, there could be right now a Palestinian state and Jerusalem would have been separate from both a Israeli and Palestinian state functioning as an ‘international’ city.

The Jews accepted the plan, the Palestinians reject it and choose war instead.

The Palestinians are now considered refuges, well if they are then they are refuges of their own making and remain so by their own choice. The PLO and Hamas as well as the rest of the Arab world, care far less about the Palestinian people than they do about the destruction of Israel.

Their hatred of the Jewish people is to blame for the present situation. They are the cause of their own suffering yet too full of hatred for the Jew and too full of pride to do anything about it.

The Palestinian leadership and their allies have no interest in peace with Israel and never will and that is just the plain fact of it.

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