Killing Girls; A Violent Emotional Impact

Shock is defined as, “a violent collision or impact; a heavy blow.”

You’ve heard the saying,  “nothing’s shocking”.

We’ve seen it all in this world, we have, as they say, been desensitized.

I’m not sure many of use remember what it is truly like to be shocked, no crazy thing a person or groups of people can do or say is outside the realm of possibility in our world.

Imagine the reaction of Adam and Eve when they learned Cain had murdered Able.

That, is shock.

That, is a violent emotional impact.

Imagine the reaction of the wife and children of Dennis Rader when they were told he was the infamous BTK Killer who had been terrorizing Wichita, Kansas since 1974.

Recall your own reaction to the 9/11 attacks on this nation.

Shock, a violent emotional impact.

I have recently viewed a trailer for a movie titled, “Killing Girls.”

For the first time in many, many years, I was shocked.

I experienced a violent, emotional impact.

At the end of this posting I will provide a link to the trailer. First I want to provide a brief description and a warning that this trailer is NOT for children.

Some years ago my wife, myself and my children would picket almost daily outside of the Planned Parenthood here in Denver. I grew accustomed to seeing the images of aborted children. With the advent of the internet I had grown accustomed to viewing videos of abortions.

All disgusting, unbelievably violent, unbelievably cruel.

The violence the child experiences is obvious, we see the results in those familiar images that are carried on placards outside of abortion mills. It follows that abortion can also be a violent experience for the aborting mother as well. But it never crossed my mind that it could be as bad as is seen in this movie trailer (and another clip from the movie that I saw on UTube).

The film takes place in Russia at the Center for Family Planning and Reproduction in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

In this clinic, babies are aborted on one floor and delivered on the next.

The film makers claim that 80% of Russian females have between 2 and 10 abortions.

The film follows 3 young girls and one nurse.

The film IS very graphic at times.

There is partial nudity, that nudity is not of a sexual nature.

It is in fact, during these scenes that I found it hardest to watch. Not because of the partial nudity, but because of the sheer violence and the pure terror these young girls experience.

This is a very honest, straight forward look at abortion in Russia. The film does not focus on the aborted child rather it focuses on the young women and their life.

Maybe I am a pansy, but I found it to be very hard to watch. It did shock me in a big way.

If this film were to have  a rating, rated “R” would be appropriate.

This is not a film for children to watch. If you do watch the trailer, please remember that fact before watching.

The film can be purchased from the website. There are two versions, censored and uncensored.

The link to the site is in the quotation immediately below.

From the “Killing Girls” website

Killing Girls tells the truth about abortion – this film is neither Pro Life nor Pro Choice. Filmmakers follow the main characters when they enter the clinic and stay with them when they leave. But it is not just a documentary about girls who have had to make a tough decisions and only focusing on the medical procedures. Killing Girls is a story about moral and economic choices in today’s Russian society. It is the story about girls that at one point in their life decided to end a late term pregnancy. It is the story of the doctors who performs these late term abortions. Who are these people and what makes them do what they do?

Killing girls takes the audience through the history of abortion in Russia, through the Stalin time to Perestroika, and ending up today. It is story about choices and decisions, about morals and consequences, about sin and salvation and finally about the eternal battle between life and death. This battle is happening today.

The Russian public have no idea that late term abortions occur, this topic is hidden and never discussed in the society. For the doctors Abortions are treated as an illness, their job is to treat the illness so the girls can return to their normal lives. For the first time ever our film Killing Girls gives the world an insight to the world of late term abortions for teenagers in Russia.


The Freedom Of Choice Act Is Coming

The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is coming we had better speak up and speak out now. We know it is coming because Barack Obama told us it is.

While speaking to Planned Parenthood in July of 2007 he said:

The first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That’s the first thing that I’d do.

If you are not familiar with FOCA allow me to give you a quick overview.

From Life Site News

Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), which would prohibit the states from “interference with a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy prior to viability or … after viability where termination is necessary to protect the life or health of the woman.” It would also prohibit so-called “discrimination … in the regulation or provision of benefits, facilities, services, or information.” If passed, the Freedom of Choic Act would nullify any and all restrictions on abortion, from parental consent laws, to waiting periods, to informed consent provisions, and the like.

You may find the whole text of the FOCA here.

Any and all limits on abortion would cease to exist.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) said in an April 2007 press release:

I am pleased to join so many leaders in the pro-choice movement, Senator Boxer, and our colleagues, to introduce the Freedom of Choice Act.

This legislation would, for the first time, codify the rights guaranteed under the Constitution by Roe v. Wade. It would bar government – at any level – from interfering with a woman’s fundamental right to choose to bear a child, or to terminate a pregnancy

There would be no ban on partial birth abortion.
There would be no parental notification.
The Hyde Amendment (admittedly an imperfect piece of legislation), gone.
The Mexico City policy (baring the use of federal taxpayers money to pay for abortions in other nations), gone.

In other words, no limits.

The Pro Life movement must begin fighting this now, we cannot wait until the last moment.
I imagine with a passage of FOCA the scrutiny and prosecution of Pro Lifers will be amped up as well.

When you are out there, outside the abortion mills, you must be about winning the hearts and minds of those women who are preparing to abort their child.
Those men who are bringing their wife or girlfriend to the mill.

When you are at work, at church, where ever you can, you must be winning hearts and minds.

It’s nice when we are able to make headway by passing legislation but those days may well be gone for the foreseeable (though I pray not), while I think most pro lifers have always been about winning the hearts and minds, too many in my opinion have looked to the law as the only answer.

Well, the law may no longer be an option at least not during the next four years.

I’m not saying FOCA cannot be defeated, it very might be that it can be defeated.
And surely we must try to defeat it and we must fight in earnest right now.
The fight against it, knowing the likelihood of an Obama win, began much later than it should have so late that we are at a disadvantage.

So yes, let’s fight and fight hard.
But let’s not forget FOCA is not our only battle front.

Liberal Hate – Pick On A Downs Syndrome Baby Because You Disagree Politicaly With His Mother

This is my first post on this blog under the category ‘Liberal Hate’, I expect it is a category that will have many posts under it with in a short period of time.

This picture was posted on Wonkette along with the following commentary:

Little baby Trig must be so glad he wasn’t aborted for this, his first Halloween, because his parents dressed him up like a political party symbol to be carried around at snarling political events. Aww. Isn’t life just grand?

The commentary by itself is bad enough as it is clearly a pro-abortionist taking a shot at Sarah Palin for the fact that she is Pro-Life and that she did not murder a child which the author Jim Newell at least indicates he believes should have been aborted; that said, the real expressions of hate are to be found in the comments section.

The comments were so over the top that the comment section was eventually closed.

If you you follow the link and choose to read the comments section be warned that a good portion of the comments are vulgar and sexual in nature.

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